Do you want to buy Linea Natura flowers?

That is certainly possible! Linea Natura has 2 sales outlets:

Bloomer is the online flower wholesaler that makes the life of every florist better and easier. Bloomer carries a very wide and sustainable range of the most beautiful and freshest flowers, plants, and accessories. You can order a complete package through Bloomer’s online shop. The good thing is that they deliver your order to your flower shop at night. Then you can make the most beautiful flower arrangements first thing in the morning.

Linea Natura fits perfectly into the client group and vision of Bloomer.
They would be pleased to help you in the wonderful world of Linea Natura.

B&G de Mooij is a platform for suppliers and buyers of flowers. They are located at the Royal Flora Holland flower auction in Honselersdijk, the beating heart of the flower trade. Place an order and collect your Linea Natura products Monday to Friday from 07:00 onwards from the dock. This is really easy!

For clients in the Westland region, B&G de Mooij is an excellent location to collect Linea Natura products.

Telephone: 0800-2566637
WhatsApp: +31 174-637400

Telephone: +31 174742424